Treatments For The Healthy Feet

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Method Pedicure With Salt Water

The feet are small but contain a lot of graves;  nerves that affect our brains. Therefore, taking care of feet is as important as you take care of your brain so.

According to the medical community, the warm salt water is seen as a very good medicine for our feet. It not only helps you relax, comfortable but also have osteoarthritis treatment effect is very good.

You only need to prepare one pot of warm water with temperatures ranging from 40-500 C and a coarse-grained salt air and pedicure together daily, preferably in the evening before bedtime.

The soaking, washing, and daily foot massage will help to better blood circulation, healthy effects to the skin vented foot arteries, stimulate the brain’s arousal help you remember more.

And here are some simple methods we can apply to the impact on the feet.


Self-massage your feet twice a day, morning and evening, each lasting about 15 minutes (if you do not have time, then you should do once in the evening before bedtime).


Start by massaging the back foot section with tips rubbing, rubbing, day, push, squeeze; then you continue to massage the soles of the feet and heels with tricks like claws, bent, day, press, point, punch …;

And you continue to affect all of the toes as publications, claws, bending, pushing, stretching; and finally the ankle movement and vibration.

When massaging the feet, can be used to massage oil used alone or foot massage cream containing substances will be used to reduce inflammation, pain, heat the skin to have painful manifestations in software or the joints of the foot …

Rolled two feet on a wooden roller table, the impact of the roller on the skin of the foot and stimulating the reflex zones and pressure points in the feet, good for health recovery issues

Vibration Feet

Vibrating foot foot massage machine is also effective. This is a simple method. When the operation would create vibration, we put two feet in predefined positions on the camera body and feet will be stimulated by the intensity of vibration of the machine, also has some kind of foot massage machine just massage and straightening both legs. When buyers choose their type that you try to feel the most comfortable.

Soaking Feet

There are many types pedicure, here are just a few ways to present our pedicure can be applied at home, inexpensive, simple, convenient, everyone can do it.

Soak feet in warm water. Pour warm water (40 degrees C) in a small pot, enough to soak the feet with ankles horizontal level, within 15-20 minutes.

Soak feet in the warm salt water. Warm air into the water bowl two tablespoons of salt to live (grain of salt), can also use some special salts (used for bathing or soaking hands and feet) are sold in the market.

Soaking your feet by herbalism; When choosing an herbal foot soak, should consult a physician to proceed to properly promote the best new work of the foot. We should soak the feet with warm herb hot properties for those with organ “welding” and the herbs that cool for people with organ “heat”. There are remedies for individual pedicure can appropriate disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, numbness in limbs, hypertension, insomnia, nervous breakdown … skin diseases of the feet as the disc, mushrooms eat foot, eczema …

  • Soak feet with flowers such as roses, grapefruit, chamomile, jasmine …
  • Soak the foot in some kind of green tea.

Soak your feet with mineral water, mud …

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