Best Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

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If the first few steps after awakening in the morning cause you severe heel pain, you’re probably suffering from plantar fasciitis. Mostly recognized by the stabbing pain in, near, or around the heel, Plantar fasciitis (PF) can affect people from as young as 19 years old who are all too often on their feet and can seriously put one out of the game for some time. Before listing our recommendations for the best walking shoes for Plantar fasciitis, it’s worth noting that finding a pair that works specifically for YOU involves trials and errors. There’s no “one size fits all,” especially for shoes, so do expect to try a couple before finding the perfect pair. A few factors to keep in mind during the process:

  • Find shoes that have strong heel support. This design would minimize the damage to your heels by absorbing the impact or distributing the force.
  • They should have appropriate arch support. Do consider your type of arches (normal or high) and choose accordingly. Don’t worsen your problem.
  • Shoes should have soft cushioning to protect the feet by decreasing the inherent instability.

So here are our picks (updated for 2017):

1. Vionic Orthaheel Walkers:

A fantastic choice, available for both genders, these Orthaheel Walkers is definitely your PF’s friends. The pair has a deep heel cup and contoured arch support for comfort and stability, while a molded midsole supports the arch throughout. They might not be the best-looking shoes around, but that cannot be what you’re concerned about when the pain is kicking in, can it?

Note that these shoes are not meant for sports. However, be convinced that they are perfect for your everyday activities (read the Amazon reviews to see what we mean). For men, if you purchase them online, be aware that the sizes often run small. For women, it is recommended to order one size down for half sizes.

  1. Brooks Addiction Walking Shoes:

The most noticeable thing that these shoes offer while some others may not is their stylish look that is appropriate almost everywhere. Brooks don’t stop at just looks, though. These pairs provide comfort and sturdy support on your arch and midsole. They offer excellent stability and control over motion, and most importantly they are highly durable. PF sufferers have been singing their praises.

Cons? They aren’t cheap and don’t come in a lot of colors either.

  1. New Balance MW 928 Walking Shoes (Men only):

The most comfortable walking shoes in New Balance’s product range, this pair offers unrivaled stability thanks to the advanced stabilizing Rollbar technology. Designed with comfort in mind, the pair also comes with great midfoot cushioning. This pair of shoes has been considered one of the best for people suffering from foot arch or heel pain.

  1. Vionic Orthaheel ‘Zen’ Walking Shoes (women only):

This excellent motion-control pair of shoes is another stylish choice for the ladies. It comes with a deep heel cup to keep your foot aligned, and offers strong support for the arch. Made of genuine leather, this shoe also has rubber soles that serve the vast purpose of absorbing shock. There are three colors to choose from.

All the shoes from our list received rave reviews by users with Plantar Fasciitis worldwide. It is noted that there is a wide selection of proper footwear for people with PF, and you may find other options more suitable for your own case. It may take some time to find the best pair of shoes eventually, but it’s worth the while.

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