A Basic Foot Care Kit

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Your feet is the most likely part of your body to be tired after a long and hard day. Do not let painful feet ruin your day. Even though, keeping your feet at relaxing status all the time is hard, you should have some small treatment to your feet by the end of the day.

If you have to walk a lot during the day or you are an athlete, your feet is terribly hurt after all. Not only women should take care of their feet but men also should have good kit of foot care products to refresh the feet. A basic foot set including lotion, nail clipper, scrub as well as wooden foot roller.


Why not use lotion or cream to moisturize your feet skin? It is a good idea to apply some kind of cream to your feet and let your feet dehydrates after a long day. There are dozen of products available in the market for both men and women. Your skin will be much softer on the next day if you apply moisturizing cream correctly to your skin before going to bed.

Some of famous brands for foot lotion are suggested as O’Kneeffe’s For Healthy Foot Feet Foot Cream, AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Theraphy Foot Cream or Nu Skin Sole Solution Foot Treatment. The price of these products are quite reasonable, which costs around 10 dollars each. For men, you would like to have some cream with peppermint since the smell of it is so good.

Nail clipper

The most valuable way to buy nail clipper is actually get a set of manicure. Your toenails can easily have problems if you do not take care of it probably. There will be ingrowing toenails as a result of cutting your toenails in the wrong way. Moreover, the skin area near your toes can be in bad trouble if you do not treat it well.

According to experts, you should trim your toenails every week or at least once in two weeks. It is very dangerous to have long toenails, especially when doing exercise that your toenails can get cracked. Even in worse case, the long toenail can push your nails away. Do not trim your toenails too short, the skin nearby is so sensitive and easily being infected.

The best nail clipper is the one that have flat-edge which make it easier and more accurate when trimming your nails. If you have a manicure set, there are other substitute tools to shape your toenails better in tip-top shape. Usually, a manicure set includes nail clipper, nail file, scissors, cuticle cutter as well as nail cleaner. The price is fluctuated depending on the quality but on average of 20 dollars per set.


There are areas in your feet skin that have calluses or dead skin. Perhaps, you would like to get rid of all of these annoying skins. A scrub cream will help you softening your skin and then remove calluses quickly. Using scrub cream also help you smoothen your skin as some products have moisturizing ingredients. Except from using scrub cream, you can manually use foot brush to clean all the dust away. However, you should keep your brush dry and clean so that no bacteria can be there and touch your feet skin. Before using foot brush, you should clean your feet so your skin is softer and all the dead skin are smoothly washed away.

Wooden foot roller

It is so easy to find and use a wooden foot roller. The roller gives you a help in massaging your feet. In this way, your feet is relaxed. In addition, during the massage, it helps your blood flow more frequently and actively. You can surely find a wooden foot roller in most of the drug stores.

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